October 25, 2008

Square Stitch With Copper Clasp

Can the creativity needed for beading sap my ability to write?

The beading frenzy has continued unabated, but I am struggling with descriptions for the pieces.

I know the names of the beads and the stitches used, but can't seem to come up with witty words to paint the pictures verbally.

This bracelet is done in square stitch using size 11 seed beads. The sides of the piece are reinforced with a row of overhand whip stitching. The lobster claw clasp and jump rings are antiqued copper.

This unisex design has attracted interest from both male and female customers.

2 Shared Thoughts:

Leslie said...

I love your jewelry. Each piece is so unique and made with love and beading mastry. You are the ultimate beader!

Happy to have you back blogging and beading!


LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Leslie,

You make me feel fantastic! Thanks!
Yes, I am back beading and blogging.

Much love and RASpect to you and J.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots