November 29, 2007

Lady Roots Is A Featured Designer!

I was delighted to see one of my necklace designs featured on an fantastic site, Beading Gem's Journal.

Sistren P and I have shared several e-mails and she expressed an interest in featuring one of my other pieces. Since I haven't been able to get to the internet regularly, I didn't know she had put up this one for her readers to see.

Since I read her site as often as I can, I have to admit, seeing my work there was a thrill. She features jewelry designers from around the world. I am honoured to be included with some amazing designers.

November 21, 2007

Down, But Not Out!

Let me start by giving thanks for my life! I have been lifted from the depths by Jah.

Last week I was feverish, nauseated, achy and praying that I had the flu and not dengue fever. God must have howled with laughter when he heard me praying for the flu.

Well, He answered my prayer and it was the flu, not dengue fever.

But, the cosmic joke was still yet to come. A combination of running belly from the flu and severe night sweats caused me to throw my fluid and electrolyte levels out of balance. As a result, I fainted in the bathroom and fell flat down on my face on the tiles.

Crack! Blood everywhere! Gruesome scene!

And I scared my dear husband who was the one to find me on the bathroom floor. But after a Doctor's exam and facial X-rays at Mandeville Radiology, I have been given a clean bill of health. No broken bones, no broken teeth and no signs of concussion. Just a badly split lip and a ding in the side of my nose to remind me of the occasion.

Thank you, Father Jah, for protecting me from a more serious injury!

November 14, 2007

Fiesta 2

Not having phone or internet service at home has left me with lots of time to bead. That will have to be my silver lining in this cloud of corporate inefficiency.

When I called Cable & Wireless (Chaos & Wutless) again this morning they confirmed the records reflect that I have been without service since last month. Then they tell me that the problem was given to a technician on November 2nd! Today is the 14th and not a sign of the tech anywhere!

So this is what I have been doing in the mean time. This set includes a fringed peyote bracelet with beaded toggle clasp, brick stitch earrings and an adjustable peyote choker.

I made the bracelet last year. After seeing it worn alone, I felt it needed some companion pieces. Thankfully, so did the bracelet's owner! So I did the earrings and choker to complete the set.

I wish you could see how vibrant the colours are against her beautiful chocolate skin! Di colours dem jus' a shock out!

November 9, 2007

No Excuses, Just Facts

Since the passage of Tropical Storm Noel last week, I haven't been blogging regularly because we didn't have power for two days. After power is restored, we usually get phone service back within a day. This time we have been without phone service for over a week. Our local phone company, Cable & Wireless, also known as Chaos & Wutless, has advised that they will "add me to the list". No estimated date for clearing the trouble, no commitment to come to the house to check anything...just a promise to "add me to the list".

I have been driving an hour thru the mountains into Mandeville to use a computer at an internet cafe to moderate and respond to shared thoughts and to post the blog. With the recent hike of the price of gas, I don't know how long I can afford that.

I am very grateful to those of you who stop by to visit and I am thrilled when you share your thoughts. Please come back soon, Loyal Reader.

November 6, 2007

Google AdSense Update

As some of you Loyal Readers now know, my Google AdSense account was disabled last month. I filed the appeal and was advised I would get an e-mail response within 48 hours.

Not that I am surprised, but Google AdSense did not even bother to reply to my appeal at all! With no chance to defend myself, I have been branded a cheat by Google AdSense. Not a nice feeling to be unjustly accused.

I know that I did not do anything to violate their terms or conditions. My mind is at peace on that matter. So, rather that wait for them to decide what to do with me, I have decided what to do with them.

I have deleted all Google Ads and will continue to blog anyway.

Who the builder refuse, shall be the head cornerstone!

I thank all of you who visit, who share your thoughts and who lift me up in prayer.

November 3, 2007


This was my first attempt at the Celini spiral stitch. Keeping an even thread tension is vital to maintaining the spiral shape. The lady who ordered the set says it slips right on to her wrist.

After this scan was taken, I made 14ktgf earwires for the earrings.