December 31, 2007

Good-Bye to 2007

Peaceful greetings, Loyal Readers.

Even tho we still don't have phone service at home, after months of broken promises and missed commitments, I had to find a way to post today. I needed to thank those of you who have let me know that this blog has either touched them in some special way or helped them to learn something new.

My prayer for you in 2008 is that your heart is filled with joy, love, and compassion. May your mind and heart remain open to itinual spiritual growth. May you enjoy abundant good health each day that comes.

Here is hoping 2008 brings more prayer warriors on board to heal this world with love!

December 7, 2007

Chaos & Wutless aka Cable & Wireless

Mi vex till mi blood coulda boil!

You Loyal Readers know that I have been without phone service at home for over a month now. I was calling the Cable & Wireless repair department every week until one very sarcastic clerk told me that I may as well stop calling.

When I saw a full page Cable & Wireless ad in the Star listing various rural districts and associated repair dates I complied with her request and stopped calling repair. Our district was to have been restored on Monday, November 26th. Waiting a full week beyond that date, I call repair again, only to be told they are doing THE BEST THEY CAN!

My next step was a call to the regulatory body, O.U.R. (Office of Utility Regulation) What a farce! On a Monday morning I am assured that someone will look into the matter and contact me by close of business. If they called me, they called you first!

So on Wednesday I call back to O.U.R. to be told that the reason they didn't call me back was that Cable & Wireless had published a new repair schedule and they thought I would have seen it. No, I didn't see it. So, when can I expect service again?

According to Mr. Williams at the OUR, Cable & Wireless has FAITHFULLY PROMISED to have all land lines restored by DECEMBER 31ST! A promise is a comfort to a fool and I am not comforted. In fact, I am incensed at the corporate crap being fed to the Jamaican public. We deserve better!

Now, to add insult to injury, I find out that because I can't get to the internet cafe often enough, my e-mail inbox exceeded the quota and they have been bouncing back my incoming e-mails to the senders! All my newsletter subscriptions have been canceled, as well! Vexation 'pon toppa vexation!

I resent being held hostage by a cruff corporation!