October 30, 2008

Four Pendants

The triangle pendants are peyote stitched delicas.

The brick stitched one was shown with a bangle inspired by Mandela's tribal collar. The other is a netted stitch.

October 29, 2008

Inspired By Mandela's Collar

Nelson Mandela's tribal collar was the inspiration for the bracelet below.
The bracelet is stitched in N'debele using various size beads to create the curve. The red beads are size 6, the yellows are size 8 and the greens are size 10s. The black seed beads on the inside and outside of the bangle are size 11s.

This bracelet is so flexible that it seems to float on my arm.

The pendant is brick stitched around a base metal ring.

October 27, 2008

RAS Celini Spiral and Pendant

The bracelet is a Celini spiral bangle. The seed beads are 11's, 10's, 8's and 6's. The larger the number, the smaller the bead. A clear tube helps hold the bangle shape.

The pendant uses the same pattern with bead sizes 11-8.

October 25, 2008

Square Stitch With Copper Clasp

Can the creativity needed for beading sap my ability to write?

The beading frenzy has continued unabated, but I am struggling with descriptions for the pieces.

I know the names of the beads and the stitches used, but can't seem to come up with witty words to paint the pictures verbally.

This bracelet is done in square stitch using size 11 seed beads. The sides of the piece are reinforced with a row of overhand whip stitching. The lobster claw clasp and jump rings are antiqued copper.

This unisex design has attracted interest from both male and female customers.

October 24, 2008

Layered Right Angle Weave

The focal piece of the bracelet is three layers of right angle weave. The band is two layers.

The magnetic clasp is covered in a seed bead tube. This prevents the clasp from attaching itself to metal objects like filing cabinets and shopping carts.

October 22, 2008

Blue Spiral N'debele

This bracelet looks nice, but doesn't really wear well.

The beads are size 6 and size 11s in both silver lined clear and blue. The body of the bracelet is N'debele, with peyote stitched end caps. The loop is square stitching, with two brick stitch encased buttons creating the toggle clasp.

I will cut it apart and use the beads to make something else.

If jewelry isn't comfortable, it won't be worn.

October 21, 2008

If The World Could Vote...

.....Barack Obama would be the next president of The United States of America.

If you are not a registered American voter, here is your chance to let your voice be heard. No, it won't change the actual outcome of the election, but it will let you have your say.