December 7, 2007

Chaos & Wutless aka Cable & Wireless

Mi vex till mi blood coulda boil!

You Loyal Readers know that I have been without phone service at home for over a month now. I was calling the Cable & Wireless repair department every week until one very sarcastic clerk told me that I may as well stop calling.

When I saw a full page Cable & Wireless ad in the Star listing various rural districts and associated repair dates I complied with her request and stopped calling repair. Our district was to have been restored on Monday, November 26th. Waiting a full week beyond that date, I call repair again, only to be told they are doing THE BEST THEY CAN!

My next step was a call to the regulatory body, O.U.R. (Office of Utility Regulation) What a farce! On a Monday morning I am assured that someone will look into the matter and contact me by close of business. If they called me, they called you first!

So on Wednesday I call back to O.U.R. to be told that the reason they didn't call me back was that Cable & Wireless had published a new repair schedule and they thought I would have seen it. No, I didn't see it. So, when can I expect service again?

According to Mr. Williams at the OUR, Cable & Wireless has FAITHFULLY PROMISED to have all land lines restored by DECEMBER 31ST! A promise is a comfort to a fool and I am not comforted. In fact, I am incensed at the corporate crap being fed to the Jamaican public. We deserve better!

Now, to add insult to injury, I find out that because I can't get to the internet cafe often enough, my e-mail inbox exceeded the quota and they have been bouncing back my incoming e-mails to the senders! All my newsletter subscriptions have been canceled, as well! Vexation 'pon toppa vexation!

I resent being held hostage by a cruff corporation!

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caveman said...

cha! i would be very frustrated iself. however.... take a deep breath and let it out slowly. in the whole scheme of things, these are simply minor details. all things happen for a reason, and jah works in mysterious ways. give thanks for health and family. perhaps i can brighten your day, kelly and i have been blessed. she is 8 weeks pregnant! if all goes well, i'm going to be a dad. bless, T.