September 4, 2008

I Will Be...

I am going up to Florida to spend some time with Mom before she flies out to Texas for several months.

I should begin posting again in late September when I return. Make yourself at home while I am away. Feel free to read any old posts, look at the previously posted beadwork and if you leave a comment, don't feel bad that it doesn't appear for a while. I will have little if any internet access while I am away.

Each of you, my Loyal Readers, will be lifted in prayer as I travel.

Nuh fret, mi soon come! (Don't worry, I will be back soon!)

7 Shared Thoughts:

Leslie said...

Enjoy your vacation and be safe in your travels Lady Roots.

I will miss your daily blogs!

Much love to you always "Sistren" as you say, and I hope that you and your Mom have a wonderful sharing time together.


Di said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!!!

Clay Perry said...

be safe and enjoy your visit and experiences

Jamaican Dawta said...

Be safe, and full-joy your time there.

Walk good!

Type Approval said...

Have a nice long vacation...
I From Indonesia

Leslie said...

Still not back? I miss my LadyRoots!

Safe returns soon come!


Pepper said...

u nuh come back yet!
ok gwaan kick up u foot, i'll check u likkle later :)