January 22, 2009

On The Recovery Road

Mom's visit was such a blessing to me! We only went out together one time, on the Sunday before she left. We drove down to Treasure Beach for an evening with Sistren Winnie at Taino Cove.

While here Mom nursed me, fed me, lotioned my foot, helped me clean out storage areas and organize my dwindling bead stash. She was brave to do the foot thing cuz human flesh that hasn't been washed, loofahed and lotioned for seven weeks nuh pretty, mek mi tell yuh!

For those of you who have been sharing comments and sending emails, texts and healing love, I am happy to report that the cast is finally off and I had my first therapy session yesterday. The two incision sites are healing, but look awful. The scabs are starting to crust off. Both the surgeon and the therapist have said to let them fall off, don't pick at them. As the grandkids say, "Uber Gross!"

I've finished a few pieces of beadwork, but haven't gotten any pictures that I would post. Poor lighting, out of focus, just didn't look right. But hopefully I will have that taken care of soon and you can see what I have finished.

Mom left America with one President in the White House and returned to America just in time to see the swearing in of America's new President, Barack H. Obama. Just like we, who are old enough, will always remember where we were and what we were doing when John F Kennedy was shot and when Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa, I believe we will always remember where we were when we watched the inaugration of America's first Black president.

January 2, 2009

Gonna Get Some Mommy Love

I am so excited! My Mom is coming from Florida for a visit. My husband will drive to MoBay to get her from the airport. They share exclusive membership in their own "mutual admiration society". I am delighted that they love each other.

I have been in need of some Mommy Love recently. We've talked and e-mailed, but now we can hug and kiss and hold hands! My husband has been a blessing thru my recent trials, but nothing soothes like Mommy Love! Yes, I am a GrandMother, but I still need to get my Mommy Love, too!

At 79 years young (80 in May) my Mom is one of the coolest women I know. She survived an abusive marriage with her ability to love and forgive still intact. She got her first computer when she was in her 60's and now corresponds with folks from around the world. She also travels around the world!

If I ever decide to grow up, I want to be like my Mom.

This is a shot of what is on my bead board for now. A partially done N'Debele bracelt and one earring. I probably won't bead or blog much while Mom is here. I want to focus on being with her.

January 1, 2009