April 23, 2008

For Dwyla

No, I am not back in Jamaica just yet. Still on vacation in America.

I am trying one of Blogger.com's new services, scheduled posting. It allows you to create a blog post, set a future date and have it automatically post on that date.

The lariat/belt and bracelet set was made for one of my sisters, Dwyla. We picked out the beads and gemstone chips to match a specific shade of blue on one of her dresses. Since she ocassionally visits here, I didn't want to post a picture of it until after I gave it to her.

The last time we were together, she asked me to make a belt for her. Little does she know she is getting a belt that can also be worn as a lariat necklace and she is getting the bracelet as brawta. (A little something extra)

The digital camera did not pick up the goldish glitters in the brown gemstones chips. The piece has much more sparkle than the camera could capture.

5 Shared Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I am sure she would love it. Hope you are having fun on your trip.
Love - ASHLY

Bongo said...

hi lady roots ,

how are you ? hope u r all fine

well ,
happy to know about this new service , I'll be trying soon .

i liked this piece so much
specially the bracelet on the left

so elegant :)

my best regards to you ,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for the lovely designed lariat belt/necklace & ankle/wrist band
set. Anyone can tell the love, time, energy and detail you put into creating such a lovely set.
love you - Dwyla

packinglight said...

gorgeous lady roots!

btw i've moved, check me out here


you'll kno who it is when u read the posts :)

LADY ROOTS said...

Honoured Sistrens,

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your kind words.

Ashly, glad to know you visit here. A nice surpirse.

Bongo, thanks for coming by again. Respect to your silent twin.

Dwyla you are so very special to me and I want you to feel special every time you wear it.

Packing Light,
I'll soon be up-to-date on what you were up to while I was away. And, yes, I knew it was you right away.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots