May 6, 2009

Hello, Mr Schwinn, I Missed You

I have achieved another of my recovery goals! At 5:30am I hobbled down to the gym on my crutches and worked out for the first time since my tumble-down last November. The gym is located downstairs, below the living area of our home.

Granted it wasn't even a pale shadow of the workout routine I was doing before, but I did break a sweat and IT FELT GOOD! I did a fifteen minute ride on the recumbent bike, some strength training with resistance bands and then another ten minute ride. Except for the water bottle attachment, this is what my Schwinn recumbent bike looks like.

Once my balance gets better, I will attempt the treadmill and the NordicTrack cross country ski machine. Thank you, Jah, for the gift of recovery. I am getting stronger every day!

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BetteJo said...

And you will continue to do so. Wonderful, isn't it??

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren BetteJo,

Yes, I agree that recovery is an amazing and wonderful thing.

Bless Up,
Lady roots

Betty BeadBug said...

Fantastic! It's like I told you, you might hate therapy but it will be worth it in the end. I am so happy for you, so glad that every day you get better and better. xo

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren BBBJules,

You were so right! I struggled thru therapy, wondering if I would ever get out of the wheelchair. Now I am getting around well on the crutches and looking forward to the time when I can lay them down as well. Thank you for your love and support during these trials and tribulations.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Leslie said...

Blessings in your recovery and thanks be to God for all that He does for us ALL.
I'm glad you are doing so well and healing.
I love you,

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Leslie,

I-tinually giving thanks and praises for all of my abundant blessings. Jah is my Provider. I shall not want.

I was back in the gym again this morning. I am having to balance the good feeling of being able to exercize again against the realization of how far I have to go to get back to my previous level of fitness.

Come, Loyal Readers, I need your help, love, support and maybe a little KITA to get me over this next hurdle.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Kokopelli said...

Great that you mastered the next hurdle and are back on exercising. And I know it's terrible to realize how fast you loose your fitness if not exercising. I once broke my foot and then have to go back into riding a horse. It was so exhausting and so satisfying at the same time. So hang in there! A step further every day!

Betty BeadBug said...

Remember when you first broke your ankle and faced the prospect of surgery? I am sure that it felt like forever away for it all to be over...but now you are just about there. It will be the same with your fitness. Right now it seems like it won't happen fast enough and the next thing you know you will be blogging to us about how you are finally back to your self. I have EVERY faith in you that it will happen. xo

Pepper said...

thats great Lady Roots!

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Dagmar (Kokopelli),
Sorry for the delay in replying. Life got in the way. Your friendship and encouragement have been a blessing thru this ordeal. I am doing so much better, but still have a way to go. Broken bones are not easy for the elders.

Sistren BBBJules,
I was looking back over the last six months and giving thanks for how far I have come since my fall. If I focus on how far I still have to go, I’d probably get discouraged. But I know that I am loved, encouraged, prayed for and abundantly blessed. One day, I hope to feel “normal” again. One day I will walk without the crutches, or a cane or a limp. For now, I try to do a little better each day and give humble thanks for every sign of improvement. Thanks for holding my hand while I am walking the recovery road. I love you.

Sistren Pepper,
I may be moving slowly just now, but it won’t be long before he’s taking me dancing again! Mi need fi wine mi wais’ an’ tap mi toe dem!Bless Up,
Lady Roots