May 23, 2009

Royal Ras Zulu Double Weave

This reversible bracelet is based on a piece from Diane Fitzgerald’s
book, Zulu Inspired Beadwork. I did make a few design alterations, but that’s the freedom of beading! I used only one clasp instead of two and omitted the picot edges of the original design.

The three rib rows are size 6 seed beads and the two woven connecting rows are size 11 seed beads, black on one side and white on the other. It gives me two looks in one bracelet. The toggle is a peyote stitched tube of size 6s with size 11 embellishments.

I find the traditional Zulu beading stitches to be labour intensive, but meditative. Once you understand the stitch pattern, it is easy to get lost in the repetitive motions of the beading. I was able to complete this one in just four days. I can see it becoming one of my favorites!

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BetteJo said...

Wow! Beautiful! And it does look like it took a lot of work - wonderfully done. :)


Beautiful creation!! By the way how is the ankle? Nuff respect!!

Kokopelli said...

That's a beautiful bracelet! Love the two-sided look. And working with Diane's book, does that mean, you come closer to the wrapped rope? :-)
BTW, I don't know if you read read what I wrote about ID. It means the inner diameter of jump rings.

Betty BeadBug said...

Wow is right. I am constantly amazed by your weaving. I can see how this piece could be a favorite. xo

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren BetteJo,
Thanks for the compliment. It was a lot of work, but the end result is worth it to me. I wonder what it would look like if I used 4mm cubes for the ribs instead of seed beads? Wait! Is that the Bead Muse calling?

Idren Esteban,
Hail di I! The ankle itself has healed well, but I am now facing the arduous task of regaining my balance, my endurance and my muscle tone. I was released by the physician to resume exercising. Since early May I have been putting in four days a week in the gym. Slow going, but getting a little stronger each day. Give thanks! Glad you like the bracelet.

Sistren Dagmar (Kokopelli),
I like the versatility of the two-sided look also. The wrapped rope and the switchback chain are the next two of DF’s projects I want to try. I like the black and purple switchback chain you recently posted. Thanks for the info on the jump ring ID.

Sistren BBBJules,
Sometimes when I finish a piece like this, I am amazed myself! Congratulations on James’ graduation. I love the picture of the two of you together. Hugs and kisses to any of the P clan that will stand still long enuf for you to share them.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Bev's Jewelry said...

Lady Roots, you have much more patience than I have for beading. However, the results are well worth while. Beautiful bracelets. I too like the double sided effect.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Bev,

You, who can do kumihimo and chain maille so well, speak of someone else's patience? I tip my hat to your patience. Glad you like the bracelet.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

The Beading Gem said...

Love this bracelet! The color choices are just spot on. I know of her book but I don't have it so now I must get it!

Maxine Clarke said...

This is absolutely amazing! I'd love for you to make me something to perform in. Can I commission you to bead me something?

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Pearl,
I had to wait for a trip up to America to get Zulu Inspired Beadwork by DF, but it was worth the wait. My next two projects from it will be a wrapped rope and the switchback chain. I am delighted you like the bracelet and the colours.

Sistren Maxine,
Welcome! Or should I say G’day? Send an email and we can collaborate on a piece or a set for you. Describe your vision and we will work together to ensure your satisfaction. How is Black Lazarus?

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Kokopelli said...

Pearl, definitely get that book!!!! It's worth every cent!

iriegal said...

I love that bracelet. I am starting to do a little beading and you are such and inspiration..onelove

Kem Nefrew said...

Love your pieces...beautiful!!!

Threadin' Along said...

Beautiful! Your pieces are always beautiful, But this one is awesome.
It is always a pleasure to visit with you.