October 16, 2007

Free Rice

Recently I stumbled upon, this website, Free Rice, which has two goals. One is to teach English vocabulary and the other is to feed hungry people. Each goal alone is admirable, but to have found a way to combine both is remarkable.

You are given a word and four possible definitions. You click to choose the correct answer. For each correct answer, 10 grains of rice will be donated to feed the hungry thru an international aid agency.

The words start off easy and as you continue to get the answers correct, the words get progressively more difficult. I found myself pulling out my Webster's dictionary so I could keep going. The FAQ's say there are 50 levels, but most folks don't get over 48. I think I will accept that challenge. How can I possibly loose? Gain for the brain and feeding the hungry at the same time.

Any one else up for the challenge?

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