October 30, 2007

From An Humble Beginning

Since I am so at peace when I bead, it isn't often that I make pieces of handcrafted jewelry that don't involve one or more beadweaving stitches. Here is a look at one of those pieces.

This is a substantial piece that would overpower a tiny woman. The two aquarium glass stones that provide dimension and definition are separated by an elevated ridge. The cuff is just under two inches wide. Tiny globes of glass cover the outer edges of the cuff. In spite of it's heavy look, it is light and easy to wear. Most people who have seen it, ask if it is made from bamboo.
Yes, I know, the picture is rather dark, but I am hoping you can at least get a feel for how the cuff looks. This piece is too thick to scan well and the digital camera and I are not always on speaking terms. Sometimes it co-operates, sometimes not. And life goes on.

As much as I like the compliments I receive when I wear it, I like even more that it started life as something most people would throw away. The base of the cuff is the cardboard core from a roll of industrial packing tape. Multiple layers of red, gold and copper lacquer shine with an richness that easily hides the humble beginnings of this bracelet.

Thank you, Jah, for showing me how to "Tun han', mek fashion." ("Turn hand, make fashion." Translation: Take what little I have and make something better out of it.)

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