January 9, 2008

Big-Up & Nuff Nuff Ras-pect to MiPhone

This is a Public Service Announcement for my Jamaican readers who are being held hostage by an uncaring corporation. Now we can kick them to the curb!

I seem to have found the solution to my multiple problems with Chaos & Wutless (Cable & Wireless), the local phone service provider here in Jamaica.

For over 10 years now, I have been subjected to poor or no service from C&W along with a callous disregard for the negative impact this has on my personal and professional life. On the rare ocassions I could get an internet connection, the speed would be a notoriously slow 28.8 kpbs. Dropped calls were the norm.

I was paying JA$2,800 per month for the access and another JA$9,000 per month for the calls to the C&W dial-up number. Since the passage of Tropical Storm Noel, last year, I have had no service at all. Calls to C&W repair were ineffective and aggravating.

So I begin to look for an another ISP (internet service provider) and I found MiPhone! For a one-time start up fee of JA$5,000 and a monthly rate of JA$1,400, I now have unlimited internet access at 115 kbps.

This is a public "THANX!" to Michelle, Mario and Nicole of the Mandeville MiPhone store. Each of them were helpful to me in their own way during the application and setup process. I look forward to many years of satisfied service from MiPhone.

2 Shared Thoughts:

owen said...

you must be so overjoyed :)

see is as dem say better must come!

Lady Roots said...

Idren Owen,

Real talk dat!

And if betta nuh come, mi gwine go look it fi miself!

Money too hard fi come by honestly fi let di tief dem just rob up mi internet spendings so.

Thanks for stopping by again.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots