January 13, 2008

Session Flyer

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I don't usually post images of the flyers used to promote the various sessions where our sound system plays because, quite frankly, most of them use quasi-pornographic images of young women. I strongly believe that our young ladies need a more positive self-image.

This poster, for a session this coming weekend, is one of the less offensive ones.

My husband says that when someone else is paying to promote the session, they get to choose the artwork and my personal feelings about feminine modesty don't enter into the equation. I will reluctantly concede that point. We have been hired to play music and generate a money-spending vibe for the session promoter.

I am glad, however, that he shares my distaste for the filthly, misogynistic lyrics so prevelant in dancehall today. Our selectors and DJ's know that we only play clean, conscious music. They also know that dutty wuds nuh fi flow. (translation - no cursing)

2 Shared Thoughts:

owen said...

I hate to say it but sex sells.

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Owen,

Sadly, true.

But so does quality!

Bless Up, Lady Roots