February 16, 2009

This and Therapy

All of my energies (physical, emotional, creative and spiritual) have been channeled into my therapy sessions and my beadwork. If the truth be told, the beadwork is getting me thru the therapy. Learning to regain my balance and walk again without fear of falling is hard at my age. The therapy hurts and I am expected to inflict this pain on myself on the days I don't go to the clinic. I can't imagine facing this without Jah and prayer!

When I do all the rehab exercises I have been given, it wipes me out! There has been nothing left over for blogging, no reading beyond the local newspaper, no phone chats, no texting, no e-mails and I haven't even responded to those of you who have been kind enough to visit and share your thoughts. I've been given three blog awards that I haven't accepted yet and I don't know if I will ever catch up.

OK, OK, the pity party for one is over. This is what I've beaded during my blogging absence.
I finished the N'debele bracelet that was on my bead board. Gold and bronze seed beads with brown stars were used. The toggle clasp is a peyote tube.

This embellished N'debele bracelet doesn't photogragh well. It truly sparkles! I used size 6 silver-lined clear beads for the base with transparent peacock blue bead insets. The embellishing seed beads are opaque royal blue, transparent peacock blue and transparent light olive green.

This N'debele bracelet has four rows of seed bead embellishments with gold glass bead inserts. The toggle clasp is a beaded bead.

This is another one that has more sparkle than I can capture with the camera! It is tubular N'debele of silver-lined clear beads with blue insets and embellishments. The magnetic clasp is hidden inside a right angle weave tube.

These are a few rings I beaded. I need to find a better way to photograph rings. The picture doesn't really show the details well.

This set is for the wife of the doctor who performed my orthopedic surgery. She saw several of my beaded pieces during one of my check-up visits. The doctor called me later that afternoon and placed an order. The faux pearls are captured in a net of gold and bronze seed beads. She will wear the pendant on a gold chain.

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Bev's Jewelry / www.bevsjewelry.1000markets.com said...

Glad to hear you are progressing with your therapy even though it is hard. Your beading is beautiful and I'm glad to hear it is helping you. My absolute favorite is the last one, the pearls. Your Dr's wife will be very pleased.

ja stu sisterlock journey said...

Hi there,
I kept checking for an update,good to hear you and see your fabulous handy work.
Hope you are on the mend,and taking good care.


Leslie said...

They are all beautiful-just as you are my friend. I'm sure it is hard to keep up the pt regiment-but it will help you regain all of the strength you need in your ankle to walk and perform daily tasks.
Thanks too for the donation to MDA-I received it last week and am just getting around to letting you know.

Much love to you LR and prayers to you on your continued healing.


BetteJo said...

Wonderful beading - and an order from the doctor's wife! Good for you!
Keep up the therapy, it's only good for your mobility, I don't have to tell you. My only therapy was tracing the alphabet with my foot when sitting in a chair!

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Bev,
Thanks for the visit and the compliment on my beading. The pearl set reflects her quiet sophistication. Glad you like it, too!

Sistren JaStu Sisterlocks,
I am mending, but the therapy is harder than I would have imagined. Glad you liked the beadwork!

Sistren Leslie,
Thanks for checking in. Glad the MDA donation go to you. Hope you raise lots of "bail" money. This is only one more great thing you do to spread love thru the I-niverse. Give my love to J!

Sistren BetteJo,
Glad you like the beadwork! It's a sort of therapy in itself. The physical therapy, on the other hand, is a challenge. I want to do well, but self-inflicted pain has never been my thing! Keep cheering me on. I need the encouragement.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Morpheus Rablings said...

Awwwwwww ... hang in there.
Let us look at it this way .... in 30 days you will think all this therapy was a dream, and you will have a chuckle.
Your beading is truly terrific.
You mentioned about the photo of the rings (those are always difficult to produce), however, you may want to take a look at this tutorial, it may give you some hints.
In the meantime.

Walk Good

Jdid said...

beautiful. you've got talent

The Beading Gem said...

Hang in there. As with the therapy, it too shall pass. Thanks for sharing all your inspirational designs and congrats on that order!

Kokopelli said...

There you are! I'm glad to see you back here! I was worried a bit, but good to hear that you concentrated on your therapy. That's more important than blogging. Your beading is amazing like always! I love the blue bracelets. And the pearl set for the doctor's wife. That's very elegant.
All the best for you!

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Dagmar,
Thanks for your loyalty! Yes, I've been more focused on therapy lately. This is a greater challenge than I would have dreamed. Funny that I waited more than half a century to experience a broken bone and then managed to break three at one time! But your love, your prayers and your I-tinued friend(reader)ship are a blessing to me. I am glad you like the beadwork.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Pearl,
I'm hanging in and hanging on! I know the therapy is necessary and I know that it is beneficial, but jeez-louise...it's rough. Thanks for the visit and the congrats on the beading. I've been lurking on BGJ, but haven't commented lately. Your support is a blessing to me.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Jdid,

Thanks! Jah has blessed me.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Morpheus,

Thanks for the encouragement and the compliment. Beading is the mental therapy that is getting me thru the physical therapy.

I'm gonna take a look at that photography link.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Threadin' Along said...

It doesn't matter what kind of craft you are into, it is alway good theraphy, when I injury my right wrist I thought I would never crochet again but I work through the pain and now I am at 95% better.
Your work is so beautiful. Keep beading.

Clay Perry said...

even under distress your work is so beautiful.. keep working.. youre getting better every day!

Betty BeadBug said...

Physical therapy is hard...I can remember some days wanting to stomp my feet like a small child and just not go. I'm glad I did though, in the long run it was worth it. There aren't words to tell you how beautiful I think your work is. I'm sorry things are hard right now but so glad you are ok. xo

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Threadin’,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I agree; whatever craft our soul chooses is the therapy it needs. Thanks for the compliment on my beading. Looking forward to seeing more of your crocheted items.

Idren Clay,
I’m sticking with both the therapy and the beading. Speaking of “sticking”, have you mangled any other body parts lately? Be kind to yourself. Someone who is special to me loves you.

Sistren BBB,
You made me laugh when I thought about stomping my feet. Do you think if I held my breath until I turned blue the therapist would go easier on me? Or maybe I should tell her that I don’t like the way she plays, so I’m gonna take my crutches and go home! Thanks for the kind words and compliments on the beadwork. I know things will get better, cuz I have some special friends in Newnan, Georgia who care for me and pray for me.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Jules said...

I keep coming back to look at your work. It is so lovely it lifts me up. Today is one of those days where I wonder about the world. This morning outside of work a 17 year old young man lost his life. He had skipped school to be with his girlfriend and instead was hit by a car that didn't even stop to help him. It hurts my heart to worry that he knew what was going on and was he afraid? It makes me angry to wonder how someone could be so afraid that not only did they not stop but did not call for help that might have made a difference if they had been able to get there earlier. I am grateful for the help that came and tried their best to save him...that let his family know someone cared. I feel better just coming to your blog, reading your words and indulging myself by looking at your creations. I hope that you are having a lovely day and all is well with you and yours.
xo xo

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Jules,

When my beadwork touches someone, it puts joy in my soul! Thank you for that precious gift. Life is good and I go for another therapy session tomorrow morning.

How sad for the family of the young man who died. The person who hit him with the car must be dead inside to leave the scene without helping; so in need of healing prayer.

As a mother myself, I can’t help but feel that much of your anguish is wondering how your world would keep turning if it had been Patrick, instead of the other young man. When you send Patrick out into the world, anoint him with prayer and the knowledge of the importance of all life.

I’m glad your visits here make you feel better. I love you. Stop by again soon.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Jules said...

I am sure that is part of it! My young man so close in age. I love you too. Now I am off to check out your newer creations. xo