November 21, 2007

Down, But Not Out!

Let me start by giving thanks for my life! I have been lifted from the depths by Jah.

Last week I was feverish, nauseated, achy and praying that I had the flu and not dengue fever. God must have howled with laughter when he heard me praying for the flu.

Well, He answered my prayer and it was the flu, not dengue fever.

But, the cosmic joke was still yet to come. A combination of running belly from the flu and severe night sweats caused me to throw my fluid and electrolyte levels out of balance. As a result, I fainted in the bathroom and fell flat down on my face on the tiles.

Crack! Blood everywhere! Gruesome scene!

And I scared my dear husband who was the one to find me on the bathroom floor. But after a Doctor's exam and facial X-rays at Mandeville Radiology, I have been given a clean bill of health. No broken bones, no broken teeth and no signs of concussion. Just a badly split lip and a ding in the side of my nose to remind me of the occasion.

Thank you, Father Jah, for protecting me from a more serious injury!

3 Shared Thoughts:

Irie Diva said...

OMG im so happy you were only dinged up a bit! that must have been scary indeed

Lady Roots said...

Sistren Irie Diva,

Very scary! But I am slowly healing and giving thanks every day that my injuries were not more serious.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

caveman said...

give thanks that you're ok. bless....