November 9, 2007

No Excuses, Just Facts

Since the passage of Tropical Storm Noel last week, I haven't been blogging regularly because we didn't have power for two days. After power is restored, we usually get phone service back within a day. This time we have been without phone service for over a week. Our local phone company, Cable & Wireless, also known as Chaos & Wutless, has advised that they will "add me to the list". No estimated date for clearing the trouble, no commitment to come to the house to check anything...just a promise to "add me to the list".

I have been driving an hour thru the mountains into Mandeville to use a computer at an internet cafe to moderate and respond to shared thoughts and to post the blog. With the recent hike of the price of gas, I don't know how long I can afford that.

I am very grateful to those of you who stop by to visit and I am thrilled when you share your thoughts. Please come back soon, Loyal Reader.

4 Shared Thoughts:

Irie Diva said...

Im sorry to hear how your having it in rural side, didnt even stop and think how the rains were affecting those of us outside the cities. Hope everything goes back to normal soon... i kno how "speedy" cnw can be

Lady Roots said...

Sistren Irie Diva,

Blessed love and thanks for continuing to stop by.

I am in Mandeville again, just to get this posted and send e-mails to the stateside family. If they see bad news on the foriegn media and can't hear from me, dem jus fret. An e-mail lets them know I'm OK.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

owen said...

wow, a soh far you live from mandeville? hmmmm I hope things get back to normal soon - in kingston Noel was just a whole heap a rain and traffic. I remember when "light" used to go wey everyday when I lived in manchester. all the best

Lady Roots said...

Idren Owen,

I only live 24 miles out of Mandeville, in southeast St. Bess, but with the road conditions, it takes about an hour to get there. It takes even longer if I get caught behind the 18-wheel monsters on Spur Tree!

Many of us in this area are still suffering from Hurricane Ivan issues. YES, I said Ivan... not to mention the additional ravages of Dean & Noel.

But Jah love wi itinually and wi mus tek di bitter wid di sweet! No true?

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back soon.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots