June 5, 2008

Just A Few Thoughts

I wanted to post pictures of my newest grandchild whom I met for the first time in April, but her father (our son) has specifically asked me not to. Being in the entertainment field, he is concerned about her being over-exposed at a tender age. I understand, but am still disappointed. She is beyond cute and her big sister is adorable, too. But you'll have to take my unbiased word for it.

I have finished two bracelets that I want to post, but I can't seem to get any decent shots of either one of them. And of course, the scanner has chosen to act up just now. Both designs are from the Diane Fitzgerald book, Zulu Inspired Beadwork. I thought I would do something with the SwitchBack stitch first, but instead I used the Square Netting stitch and the Mfungo Chain stitch.

A large network project in Mandeville is going to be consuming a great deal of my time over the next six to eight weeks. No matter how hectic the project becomes, we will find the time to slip away for a few days to a small boutique hotel in Treasure Beach to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

Gotta take some time off to play together, so we can stay together!

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