June 4, 2008

Stained Glass

The bracelet really does resemble stained glass when held up to the light, but that kind of shot is still beyond my limited photographic skills.

The pendant is constructed over a wooden bead. The peyote stitch holds the beads tightly against the surface. I have been asked more that once how I was able to glue all the beads so neatly in place. Aaarrrgggh! Stitched, not glued. [(Anything like shaken, not stirred?) Please share a thought if you get that reference at all.]

The bracelet uses the N'debele stitch to create ribs of black opaque seed beads with transparent seed beads between the ribs. By altering the number of transparent beads between the ribs I was able to gently curve the bracelet. The clasp is a peyote stitched toggle.

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