June 21, 2008

Mi Dere Pon Haste

(Translation: I Am In A Hurry)

I am only beading sporadically these days. I have answered almost no personal e-mails for weeks. The blog hasn't been updated as often as I would like. Pictures I have taken haven't yet been transfered from the digital camera to the computer. But I can't complain. The present situation is an answer to prayers. I asked Jah to temporarily increase the income stream so a specific need could be met. He has answered my prayers with overflowing abundance!

Monday coming will find me in Mo Bay on a site survey for a network project that I will begin after we return from celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary in Treasure Beach the end of next week. If all goes well, it should take about a week to complete that project.

At the same time, three multi-faceted technology projects that have been on various corporate back burners for several months now are all rolling out. A 60-room hotel, a heavy equipment rental company and a soon-to-be-opened casino.

While graphing the project management aspects of these projects, I was delighted to realize that I have been able to create a strong technology support system locally. Website design, web hosting, hardware repairs, network wiring nor equipment sales are of any interest to me. I enjoy sourcing and installing software to meet my clients' needs. I also enjoy training their staff members. For each aspect of technology that I have no interest in, I have found a local source that over time has proven to be dependable, should I need to refer a client to them. Thank you, Judith, of Optimal Computers and Garry, of Island Tech. You both have come to my rescue more than once when a client was depending on me.

I am asking any of my Loyal Readers who are also prayer warriors to put me on their prayer list as I will be traveling on the road more often now and traffic in Jamaica is a constant challenge. Jah is always invited along for the drive and with as many close calls as I have survived in Jamaican traffic, I know He places His angels on each one of my car fenders. Thank you, Jah, for protecting my going out and my coming in.

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