December 7, 2008

Friends of Jamaica

The hummingbird graphic in the left column was painted by my dear friend, Leslie.

She is a long-time friend of Jamaica and has touched the lives of many Jamaicans firsthand. On her blog, Flowers of Life, she has asked her readers to put this fund raising graphic on their blogs for the next few weeks.

For you, Sistren Leslie, and all you do to increase the goodness in our I-niverse, I give thanks.

3 Shared Thoughts:

Leslie said...

Thanks LR, I appreciate your support!
Hope you are feeling well.
Rest, Rest, Rest!


LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Leslie,

You are so very welcome! You do so much to add beauty to our world and I am delighted to assist.

I am taking your good advice to go slowly during this episode. I am taking time to read and re-read books that otherwise would have stayed on the shelf.

I am re-engaging some family members that I have let get too far away (not in miles, in smiles).

I love you, Leslie, and I give thanks to Jah for allowing us to meet and experience this kind of friendship.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Leslie said...

Your sould is calm, your voice is music, your heart sings to me. I love you for all that you are and all that you do!

God is GOOD! No, he's more than good, he's great, fantastic, the King of Kings-he leads us whenever we are able to give up our own agenda and let Him.

I know He meant for us to meet and I am truly thankful for our sweet friendship.

Love you always,