September 9, 2007

Aquarium Glass

Both the pendant and the bracelet were constructed of netting around small aquarium stones. The pendant stones measure 7/8 inch wide and the bracelet stones are 1 inch wide.

The bracelet band is tubular Ndebele. The toggle is made from two of the aquarium stones encased in RAW (right angle weave), peyote and netting stitches. The weight of the three center stones required that I use at least two of the stones in the toggle for balance. Otherwise, the bracelet kept sliding around on my wrist, so that the center stones were underneath my arm, not on top, as intended.

I could not find a way to get a picture of the bottom of the toggle. It is a netted Star of David. I will keep trying and if I manage to get a good shot, I will post it. ****UPDATE****LOOK! I think I got it!

Many thanks are due to those of you who continue to visit here, even when circumstances prevent me from blogging daily. We have not yet had 48 consecutive hours of electricity since the passage of Hurricane Dean last month. But when I can get on-line, I will blog.

Comments welcomed, subscribers adored!!!

More Aquarium Glass

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Fay said...

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LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Fay,

Thank you for adding my blog to Blogging Women.

I look forward to linking with other blogging sistren.

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