September 25, 2007

Blue Mood From A Beading Muse - Pt 1

Often the "Beading Muse" will take control to direct not only the style, pattern and design of the current piece, but the color as well. I do not own a single article of clothing in this shade of blue. But, as you will see over the next few days, the Muse has definitely taken me into a Blue Mood.

The band is Ndebele beadwork, with a focal piece of glass stone encased in netting. The front is open and the back is completely covered by the net. The toggle clasp is a peyote tube with bicone beads at each end.

The picture below shows the bracelet with the toggle closed. Wierd angle, I know, but you can at least see a different view of it.

Blue Mood Part 2

Blue Mood Part 3
Blue Mood Part 4

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