September 25, 2007

Blue Mood From A Beading Muse - Pt 3

More blue from the Muse. My mood isn't blue, I feel wonderful! By the time this particular phase is over, I probably won't have a blue bead left.

Thank you, Jah, for the gift of beadweaving. It soothes me, inspires me, and helps me to see the beauty in tiny things. It requires patience, focus, and diligence; all areas I am working on.

Branch fringe creates and decorates this bracelet. The beaded and fringed toggle clasp blends into the design.

This spiral stitch bracelet has the Muse's blue as the core, with clear beads forming the spiral. The toggle clasp was made using 3 bicone beads connected with a beaded ridge between each one.

Blue Mood Part 1
Blue Mood Part 2

Blue Mood Part 4

2 Shared Thoughts:

caveman said...

these are beautiful. my woman kelly just walked by and looked and said the same thing. she also said that the first one reminds her of coral.

Lady Roots said...


Blessed Love to the I and to Empress Kelly. Thank you for the compliment. I don't always understand the hows and whys of creativity, but I am always greatful when it flows.

Yes, done in shades of red, brownish and orangish reds the fringe looks exactly like a coral reef.

Walk good, Idren T,
Bless Up,
Lady Roots