September 10, 2007

Mis-Educating Mi Gran-Pickney

Swallowing repeatedly, counting to ten, clenching/unclenching my fingers and taking deep cleansing breaths in an attempt to calm my warring emotions do not seem to be having the desired effect.

So, I am asking Father Jah to guide my tongue and help me speak only wisdom, truth and love; rebuking the anger that continues to rise in me.

The irrational, ungoverned, primal urge inna mi belly bottom wants to BLAZE FIRE ‘pon di rankin’ eeeediot dat mis-teaching mi gran-pickney ova foreign. (Translation for non-patois speakers: I am angry that uninformed minds are in a position of authority over my grandchild in America.)

The wise, mature, loving, grandmother-who-wants-to-set-a-good-example-for-her side of me needs to find a way to 1) correct the misinformation she was given 2) applaud her courage 3) help her learn kindness when dealing with mental midgets 4) minimize the effect that small minds can have on her development.

My granddaughter proudly wore one of my beaded bracelets to school.

It has the Jamaican flag on either side of her name.

Her teacher called her to his desk to tell her the bracelet promotes and advocates the smoking of marijuana! She is 12…soon to be 13 and a valiant warrioress-in-training. In what must have been an infuriating tone of voice she informed him that the bracelet was to show that she had lots of culture and since her GranMa made it, she would be wearing it.

Thanks, sweet girl, for standing up for GranMa. When we are faced with ignorance, we must meet it with the truth, with love and with a spirit that seeks only to increase understanding.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

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caveman said...

perhaps she could bring it to show and tell so she could teach everyone what the colors and flag actualy represent.

Lady Roots said...


Great suggestion, except that it is her math teacher and they don't do much show and tell in math these days.

It has, however, opened a great path of dialouge between us about misconceptions and cultural icons.

Thanks, Caveman, for being a loyal reader! I always enjoy your comments.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

bigmell said...

Ms. Roots. I sent a couple emails to your account today. One concerning this... "teacher"

Lady Roots said...

Big Mell,
Yes, I got the email and have since replied directly to you.
Bless Up,
Lady Roots

The Beach Bum said...

There's usually not much you can do to change an idiots mind. They've chosen to be that way. I think that this would make an excellent opening for a cultural presentation though. Maybe the social studies teacher could organize something. Although her math teacher may never learn about any other life but his own, at least the students could learn about other cultures.

Lady Roots said...

Beach Bum,

Your suggestion about a cultural presentation has already been sent on to her mother. Being here in Jamaica and being the parent of the non-custodial parent of the child makes it difficult for me to effect changes in areas like schools and teachers.

I am more interested in protecting my granddaughter than I am in trying to open closed minds.

I tried to reply to the email that you sent right after the storm. It came back to my inbox as undeliverabe. Thanks for checking in to see how we were doing.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots