September 2, 2007

Out of the Darkness

Giving thanks and praises to Our Heavenly Father, Jah Rastafari, who has kept us safe during perilous times!

I want to say thank you to all those who covered us in your prayers of guidance and protection. Psalms were chanted, bibles were read, prayers were whispered and shouted, chalices were lit and drums were beaten. Jah heard the pleas of all you Prayer Warriors and we were spared.

JPS (Jamaica Public Service) has just restored power to our tiny, rural, south coast district. Just in time for tomorrow's General Election here in Jamaica.

We survived Hurricane Dean's passing two weeks ago and have spent that time putting things back together, as best we can. We suffered major water damage, but did not lose the roof, like many of our neighbours.

All the animals survived this time, but we lost the trees - ackee, banana, coconut, otahitie apple, sweet sop, sour sop, pear (avocado), lime, sour orange, june plum, and the sweet mango. I am so thankful that the robin mango tree from my husband's childhood survived. She lost many branches and sustained severe damage to one side, but she is a survivor and will hopefully outlast my grandchildren's great, great-grandchildren's grandchildren.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Selah.

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caveman said...

blessings and love. i am very happy to hear that you and your afamily are well. i tried to comment on this last night but it didnt seem to work. oh well. sad to hear about the trees but as you say; jah gives and he takes away too. itection itinually, trevor

Lady Roots said...

We are slowly recovering, as we give thanks for life. We will replant the trees and other crops and rely on Jah to provide the sunshine and rain to nourish them.
Thanks for your prayers,
Bless Up,
Lady Roots