September 11, 2007

You Can See The Star!

I think I finally got it! Using the macro button on the camera did not allow a close enough shot to show the shape of the star at the end of the beaded toggle. This will open an image of the entire bracelet in a different window.

After numerous disappointments with the camera, I decided to try the flatbed scanner. With the lid down, it got the correct lighting, but the toggle would always pull to the side, distorting the angle, so the star did not show.

My last inspiration was to use the scanner, but leave the lid up. I am not sure how I feel about the dark background, but I am delighted I found a way to show you the star shape.

3 Shared Thoughts:

Armel Peel said...

I think if you put a piece of white construction paper or something white but opaque over the bracelet, the background wont be white. That works with some scanners but not others so your mileage will vary :)

caveman said...

i really like the dark background. i almost always use a black background or border on photos i print.

Lady Roots said...

Idren Armel,
Thanks for the suggestion. I am learning as I go, both with the digital camera and with various ways to use the flatbed scanner. Both are tools to help show my pieces, but I would really rather be beading than experimenting with equipment. ;~)

Knowing you are a photographer really makes your compliment so much sweeter. I appreciate your encouragement.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots