September 15, 2007

Thanks for the Jumpstart!

During the first few days after Hurricane Dean, I was creatively paralyzed. I needed the calming therapy of beading, but inspiration eluded me.

I found a great bracelet design in the June 2006 issue of Bead and Button magazine by Jill Wiseman. It is created with bugle beads and seed beads in a tubular Ndebele stitch. (In the article she uses the term Herringbone stitch; I prefer Ndebele.) Her website is fun to visit. Her email is

(Right click on any thumbnail to open a larger image. Select Open in New Window.)

On the bracelet above, I modified the design by inserting a row of darker brown seed beads between the gold seed beads. Instead of the peyote toggle, I used a brown crystal bead as the toggle and peyote-stitched several rows on the closure loop.

On this one, I only put one row of seed beads between the bugle beads. The toggle was created from both beads used in the bracelet band.

I had not played with my stash of bugle beads for some time, but was happy to get back to them after a long absence. Here are two other bracelets, both using bugle beads that I was inspired to do from the same article.

The red and gold bracelet is done in flat Ndebele, rather than tubular. The brown and gold one is done in a combination of ladder stitch and brick stitch.

I prefer making my own toggles, but sometimes I do use a manufactured clasp.

Thanks, Jill, for the jumpstart. I think I can take it from here.

2 Shared Thoughts:

caveman said...

what i find most interesting about this blog is how creativity seems to come in waves. sometimes the waves are big long low frequency waves that we can ride for months or even years. othertimes they are short fast and furious. lately i have been putting more energy into photography than music. i dont know why nor do i care to ponder that too much. i will simply go with this most recent wave of creative energy. bless up, t.

Lady Roots said...

Caveman, (aka Idren Trevor)

It is that uncertainty or inconsistancy that has me starting a beaded piece with one thing in mind, only to have the creative process take over and move the project in a totally different direction.

At one time I feared that loss of, like you, I do not care to ponder...just create! I give thanks to Jah that He keeps the creative juices flowing.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots