February 25, 2008

Poetry In Motion - Edutainment In Action

Jah has blessed me in so many ways that I feel somewhat ungrateful to tell you that I want more. I also want the gift of finding words that will reveal what is in my heart in such a way that will move others to action.

That said, the action I want to inspire right now is for each of you to mark your calendar to reserve the evening of Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 for the sixth annual staging of Poetry In Motion; or as Amina Blackwood Meeks named the date, February 22nd, 2K-MINE.

Poetry In Motion, hosted by Yasus Afari, the Honour Dread, is an annual celebration of music, dance, comedy, story telling, fashion and poetry. It is staged on the last Sunday in February at the Vineyard in Mandeville. We have been blessed to attend this uplifting event for the past four years. I missed the inaugural year because I took Mom to Florida. A scheduling error I won’t repeat!

I know my soul has been touched when, in just one evening, I am moved from bone-shaking, out-loud belly laughs to heartfelt tears. At the same time I am supporting a worthy cause. Each year a donation is made to an organization that benefits wi yutes (our youth). This is not just an empty pledge of a donation either. The cheque was actually presented to the Manchester Scouts Association during the intermission.

Amina Blackwood Meeks, storyteller extraordinaire, is a repeat performer at Poetry In Motion. This year as emcee she was a regal queen, reigning over her enthralled minions! Sistren Amina, don’t forget unnu did promise me one nice-nice piece of potato puddin fi mi dessert.

The positive memories that will stay with me from the fifth annual Poetry In Motion are the angelic sound of Karen Smith’s voice; the humour of Sistren Amina; the assurance of Ashley Little as she declared that she is fearfully and wonderfully made; Joan Andrea Hutchinson (dat bumpy head gal, who now flashes locks) admitting she gave her lover some “Bad Advice”; Mutabaruka’s comment on families who gather around to watch the tell-lie-vision while sitting on the sofa wi owe for; and Yasus proclaiming, “Mi nuh complain, mi complex. Who wan please, please. Who wan vex, vex!”.

Speaking of vex! My unhappiest memory will be of the intense dis-RAS-pect shown to Jimmy Riley. In the middle of his performance, the wait staff of the Vineyard began clearing off tables and stacking up chairs! Cho! Unnu too rude. Mek di man sing fi him songs and when him dun fi him wuk and lef di stage, den yu fi start di cleanup.

Please, Fadda Falloon, don’t ever let this happen to any other Poetry In Motion performer.

Order of Performances

Reggie’s African Fashion Link fashion show
Kimberly, a new PIM baby, sang
Germaine Nelson, a NCU student, rapped on the letter P
Livingston Brown recited a poem he learned 80 years ago.
Ras Padda Ishon chanted, “Tongue fi talk, talk it out.”
AnnMarie Wilmoth, teacher, read three poems
Ashley Little played keyboard and recited “I Am Fearfully & Wonderfully Made”
Osakwe recited “I Am Someone You Love To Love”
Nana Moses shared an “Ode to Ooman”
Professor Mervyn Morris read several of his pieces, including “Peel An Orange”
Kerry Ann Brown recited original works
Sponsor giveaways
Presentation of cheque to Manchester Scouts Assoc
Introduction of the Golden Tongue Award to promote social awareness
Presentation by Liz Millman on Learning Links International
Amina Blackwood Meeks revealed how Anancy finally got into a book
2nd segment of African fashion show
Professor Barry Chevannes played the guitar and sang
Oral Tracey read “The Ultimate Game”
Amina Blackwood Meeks sang “Keyman Lock Di Door & Gone”
Joan Andrea Hutchinson read original works
Yasus Afari chanted, chatted, enlightened and delighted
Karen Smith sang to a guitar accompaniment
Mutabaruka was fundamentally Muta
Jimmy Riley sang

(Please forgive the incorrect spelling of anyone’s name)

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Juliet Christie Murray said...

Jamaica has some of the greatest writers and poets.Poetry In Motion is a unique community of Jamaican poets and writers who have done jamaica poetic arts proud.
Every day new writers emerge giving Jamaica a lagacy to be proud of.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Juliet,

Poets have a special way of expressing themselves. When you add the uniqueness of Jamaican expression to the mix, it gets even better!

Because of my broken ankle, I don't think we will make it to PIM 2k9. The Vineyard is not wheelchair accessible nor crutch friendly.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Please come back soon.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Renata said...


I'm searching for the book Inna me Heart by J.A. Hutchinson. As I live in the Netherlands and I cannot seem to order the book via the internet and I cannot find any contact address I'm leaving a message here...
Does anyone have a contact address of J.A. Hutchinson so that I can write to her directly? Please help... send any info to:

Thank You very much,


Renata said...


Never mind, I've have found her email address. Thanks anyway!