March 27, 2008

For Janice

This bracelet has been completed for several days now, but I didn't want to post a picture of it until it was delivered. Mark migrated to America today to be with his lady love, Janice. He is going to deliver the bracelet to her for me.

The last time she was here in Jamaica, we came up with the design concept for the bracelet. It is beaded using the N'debele stitch, with brick stitch end-tabs for stability. The closure is a large snap. To remind her of home, I put a Jamaican flag on either side of her name.

I thought I would be making it to keep it here until she visited again. Little did I know, he would be on his way up to marry her before that. Their plan is for April nuptials.

I met Janice when she came home for a visit from Tennessee. Our sound system, Rootsman International Sound, was playing at her Auntie's shop. Since then, she has become such an important part of my life. We only get to see each other once or twice a year, but what a gift it is to be around her! A beautiful smile and a generous heart are just two of the many things I love about her. That wicked sense of humour doesn't hurt, either!

My prayer is that she and Mark will make a wonderful life together, be very successful in their chosen careers, make a bag of cash, and then move back home to Jamaica, where their talents are needed and they both really belong.

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JW said...

Mark and Janice send their most sincere thanks, love and overwhelming joy. Mark personally wore the bracelet so he would not forget it. He proudly displayed it to the immigration officer who asked, "where is the one with your name?" Mark's response, quick as usual, "mine will be a wedding ring." We pray that your and our prayers for a blessed union and long life filled with joy will be answered by the all knowing and almighty GOD who will always be the head of our house. JAH bless and keep you. Oh how is my life enriched since you have been in my life.

LADY ROOTS said...

Hey, Sweet Girl,

I wondered if JW was you ever since the comment on the picture of the bus restaurant!

I am delighted to know both Mark and the bracelet reached up safely.

If Mark wants one with his name on it, we just need to get some more Delica or Toho beads in the appropriate colours and it will be done!

You know how much I love you and I want only the best for you and Mark both.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Lindley said...

A beautiful bracelet and a beautiful story! Best wishes to both of them.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Lindley,

I will forward your best wishes on to Mark and Janice. Love that is built on a foundation of honesty, trust and mutual respect is a bond that holds people, hearts and souls together.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots