March 6, 2008

Pearls on Branch Fringe

Remember the beaded beads I made from silver-lined gold seed beads and faux pearls? While making them, I wasn't sure how they would ultimately be used.

Since the previous post was titled, "Parts of a Piece to Come", I must have thought I would be using all of the beads in one final piece. That just didn't happen.

This necklace is the first completed item using one of the beads. Thank you, Sistren Camile, for agreeing to be the model. It is strung on memory wire, a thin wire that retains it's shape, so no clasp is required. I finished the memory wire ends with a faux pearl.

The picture below shows the back view. The memory wire overlap keeps the necklace comfortably secure without using a clasp.

Still waiting for inspiration on how to use the other beaded beads. Stay tuned!

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