March 14, 2008

Gold N'debele Bracelet

We have a function to attend on Sunday and I made this bracelet to wear. It is beaded with the N'debele stitch using gold seed beads and faux pearls. The tab ends are done in brick stitch for stability. The toggle is peyote stitched and attached to the brick stitch end tab.

OK, so this last shot was an attempt at being artistic. The N'debele stitch is supple and I wanted to show the bracelet's flexibility. Did it work for you?

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JW said...

This is breath-takingly gorgeous. I admire the patience you must have to complete such a beautiful piece.

LADY ROOTS said...


Thanks for stopping by again. Your compliments are indeed welcomed. It is nourishment to an artist's soul to be acknowledged for creating a thing of beauty.

The peace that envelopes me when I am beading allows me to pour prayers and blessings into every creation I bead.

If I know the intended recipient, I visualize their face and call their name out loud during the beading process. If I don't know who will end up with it, I ask Jah to let the wearer be blessed, annointed and proteceted at all times.

My beadwork is truly from my hands and from my heart.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Bongo said...

Although it looks very simple and beautiful , your hard work appears obviously there ..
it's little details are gorgeous and without Exaggeration

Way To Go , great Work

p.s. : what's " jah " and what's your religion ??

though i liked the idea of pouring your blessings on the receiver , i do this sometimes myself :)

Bless you my friend :)

LADY ROOTS said...


Thanks for visiting again. I tried to read your blog, but only found one post in English. If I knew the original language you use to post in, I would search for a translation site, so I could read all your posts.

How is your twin?

I am pleased that you like the jewelry I bead. Taking time with the finishing details will make a difference in the quality of the completed piece. Whether I am selling the item, making it for a gift or just making it because I need to bead, I want it's beauty and craftsmanship to reflect love from my heart.

Jah is an ancient name of God. All but one reference to that name has been removed from the King James Version of the Holy Bible being widely circulated today. In the Darby version of the Bible there are still 44 appearances of His name.

Thank you for sharing friendship and blessings with me. I return them to you (and your silent twin) with love.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Bongo said...

Dear Lady Roots ,

Thank you for your nice reply ..
the original language of our posts is Arabic , try translating them on Google translate or something , and then tell me what do you think

they are kind of our diaries from before birth , passing through our childhood , up till now , hope you like it .

my " silent " twin is fine , she says Hi :)
she will be visiting your blog soon .

thanks for the explanation , hope you are well

see you :)

LADY ROOTS said...


Welcome again! Thank you for your repeat visits. Yes, I am abundantly blessed and hope you and your twin are as well.

I will try your suggestion of using the Google translation website.

I used a link from your blog to get the WidgetBox that I am trying out. I am having fun with the scroll box.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Bori said...

Very nice bracelet!

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Bori,

Thank you for the visit from Hungary and for your kind words.

Your blog is filled with beautiful images of beadwork. Please visit again soon.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Lindley said...

Gorgeous! I'm in complete awe at the patience needed to finish something like this. The pearls are the perfect touch.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Lindley,

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you come by again, soon.

I agree with your use of the word "touch" when it comes to the pearls. An all-pearl bracelet I recently finished somehow doesn't look as elegant as this one that only has a "touch" of pearls.

My family would laugh if they heard the word patience being attributed to me in any form or fashion. Patience is something I have lacked all my life and paid dearly for it in untold ways.

Jah is working His miracles in me every day and showing me that I can do things I once felt were impossible.

I read a few of your posts and noticed how parallel our lives are in more than a few ways. I will be back to read more.

Please stop by again and let me know you were here.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots