August 10, 2007

Black and White for Safety

Since Sister P (Prime Minister of Jamaica, the honourable Portia Simpson Miller) announced the date for general elections, my wardrobe choices have been narrowed considerably.

No red or orange, (PNP) no green (JLP), and no blue (NDM). Even if you don't support a specific party, the wearing of the colors can lead someone to believe that you do. I can't afford to have some emotion-fuelled political en*thug*siast (I'm sure my fingers meant to type enthusiast) fling a rockstone thru my windscreen. I drive in communities that are fervently aligned with one party or another. T-shirts, banners, bandanas, head-ties, streamers and flags all announcing the party of choice for that district or community.

In an attempt to remain safely neutral, I have limited myself to dressing only in black and white and various combinations of the two. It has been a challenge, but I only have to keep it up until elections are over. Once the dust settles and the roars of disappointment fade, I can go back to more colorful wardrobe choices.

For those of you not in Jamaica or not familiar with our political parties:

JLP Jamaica Labour Party (Opposition Party)
NDM National Democratic Movement
PNP People's National Party (Ruling Party)

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