August 2, 2007

Rootsman International Sound going mobile

Unable to find reliable box lifters for his massive sound system, Rootsman is converting a 16-foot Isuzu box truck into a mobile sound system. It will be one of the largest mobile sounds in Jamaica.

For bookings, in Jamaica, call 999-ROOT (999-7668).

2 Shared Thoughts:

The Beach Bum said...

That's a pretty sweet rig. I actually studied Commercial Music Technology in college (which is a fancy way of saying I got to play with music studio toys so I could be unemployed after school). Luckily I found a career in web optimization and analytics. Which isn't really related to music at all. Funny how that works.

Lady Roots said...

Funnier still, that you formally studied it in college and didn't make it a career. We learned it at Rough Street College and The University of Hard Knocks. But lessons learned the hard way sometimes stay with you longer. Bless up,
Lady Roots