August 18, 2007

Unwanted Visitor

It is now 2:07 pm on Saturday in Jamaica. We are getting ready for Hurricane Dean. My husband and several young men from the district are putting up the pre-cut plywood forms that fit over the windows in anticipation of Dean's arrival tomorrow morning. It makes the inside of the house dark and it blocks the cooling mountain breezes. But as we have seen in past hurricanes, it dramatically cuts down on the wind and rain damage.

UPDATE - It is now 4:05 pm and the weather is turning angry. Dark clouds gathering, thunder grumbling under it's breath in the distant mountainside. The pounding of hammers comes in quadrophonic sound from the valley below us, the slopes on either side of us and from further up the mountain. The people who live around us, most of them my husband's family, have been thru hurricanes before. We batten down what we can, pray fervently and then deal with the reality of what the coming morning brings.

Depending on the level of destruction, we will probably be without power and phone service for a while. This is the most recent info I could find. Click the (CNN)-- link for current updates. Please cover us with your prayers as we wait for our unwanted visitor. Once the danger has past and we plug back up, I will blog again.

Jah, guide and protect!

(CNN)--Hurricane Dean intensified Saturday as it muscled across the Caribbean and headed toward a dangerous rendezvous Sunday with Jamaica.
Forecasters fear Dean will be a destructive Category 5 monster packing 155 mph winds by then.Saturday morning, as Dean roiled the open waters south of Puerto Rico, the storm's maximum sustained winds neared 150 mph with higher gusts, putting it at Category 4 intensity and making it the strongest storm so far of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season.

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caveman said...

i wish you and your family (and everyone for that matter) itection and safety from mother nature's angry hand. bless up lady roots....