August 19, 2007

10 am Deadline

It is now 9:50 am and JPS (Jamaica Public Service) has announced a 10AM power cut to protect their network. Both satellite dishes have been disconnected and taken down from the roof, so no CNN for awhile. CWJ (Cable and Wireless, Jamaica) has managed dial-up speeds this morning of only 4.8 and 14.4 kpbs. It took over 5 minutes for the sign-in page to load. Hope this gets posted B4 the power is cut.

I've spoken with family both here in Jamaica and abroad, trying to assure them we are as ready and prepared as we can be. We were offered shelter in several homes in Florida, but we both feel strongly that we need to be here, together, facing what comes.

My husband has taken all possible safety precautions to secure our home (and his brother's) and minimize damage. Now we must see what comes.

We should not attribute this to an ACT OF GOD. He flooded the world once to show His extreme displeasure with our disobedient behaviour. He also promised that He would not send another flood as punishment. IT WILL BE FIRE NEXT TIME!!! Bad weather is nature-driven, often caused by man's disrespect of the environment.

Continue to pray for our island and all those in the path of Dean.

Jah guide and protect!

2 Shared Thoughts: said...

Jah guide and protect, sis.
Jah Guide.


Lady Roots said...

Thank you for your prayers. Jah heard your appeal and has spared our lives. Power just restored here in our tiny little south coast district. Much rebuilding and replanting to be done.
Bless up,
Lady Roots