August 11, 2007

Look So Different, Essentially The Same

That is true for us humans, as well. No matter how different we may look on the outside, we are basically the same. We are all The Father’s children; some just more obedient than others.

The foundation stitch for both these bracelets is RAW (right angle weave). From essentially the same beginning, we end up with such a dramatically different ending. The center row is basic right angle weave. Alternating the size of the bead used between the “up” and “down” beads of the RAW stitch is what creates the curve. Using different sizes and types of beads gives each bracelet it’s own distinct style.

The black and white has varying sizes of faux pearls and seed beads. The toggle is a cage of netted faux pearls with a loop of 1-, 2-, & 3-drop peyote stitching. The toggle was designed by Geneva Beck and featured in the June 2007 issue of Bead and Button magazine using crystals. I like how it looks with pearls, too. Do you?

The aqua and clear has seed beads ranging in size from 6-15 in the band and the toggle is made from three bi-cone beads that also become a decorative dangle. It reminds me of the gentle ocean waves that caress the white sand beach at a place in Negril that I love so dearly. OK, so now I hear the call of the beach, the beads and the blogs!

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caveman said...

the ocean has ALWAYS called to me. singing a mystical powerful tune. i live about an hours drive from the beach and must make regular pilgrimages to it. october is the best month on the coast here in northern california. after the foggy summer makes way for warm autumn afternoons.