August 7, 2007

Red and Gold Ndebele Bracelet

Ndebele stitching with red and gold seed beads surrounds one accent bead in the band. Clasp is 14ktGF wire that slips into the beaded loop.

It fits snugly around my wrist. After four days of beading (with sporadic stops to wander around in cyberspace) it was finally finished. It thrills me to know Jah has blessed me so abudantly that I can use my brain and my hands to create something that I feel so good about.

4 Shared Thoughts:

Rose said...

Very pretty. I envy you. I wish I was that talented.

Lady Roots said...

Rose, your comment is generous. Thank you for visiting. I feel good when someone has a reaction to pieces I make. I will continue to post other pieces, so please stop back by. Or subscribe, if you like. OK, so here is where I would put the little yellow circle with the grinning face, if I knew how;~)
Lady Roots

Janice said...

I saw this and smiled. Thanks for making me smile.

Lady Roots said...

Janice, keep smiling, girl! Yuh soon come home, nuh true?
Lady Roots