August 16, 2007

Wigton Wind Farm

Wigton wind farm in the parish of Manchester is Jamaica’s first wind energy project. The 23-turbine scheme, with an installed capacity of 20MW, was built by RES for Wigton Wind Farm Ltd, a subsidiary of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ).

The Terms of Reference for conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Wigton Wind Farm are here.

How electricity can be generated from wind power is explained with labeled diagrams showing the parts of the machinery used.

Wind energy, as part of a diverse renewable energy portfolio can make an enormous contribution to our national energy security and help meet rising demands in a sustainable way.

2 Shared Thoughts:

caveman said...

i think wind energy is a great way to go. clean renewable energy from jah.

Lady Roots said...

Jah gives us abundant blessings that too often we squander. There is too much wind and sunshine in Jamaica for any of us to pay an electric bill. We need to live more closely in tune with our natural environment.