August 13, 2007

Dominoes In Jamaica

Dominoes are such an integral part of Jamaican life that many of us just assume it is as popular in the rest of the world.

Rules and game names differ. These rules seem to be geared towards American and Canadian players. Here in Jamaica, partners and cutthroat seem to be the most frequently played games.

Emotions run high, as egos and reputations are at stake; not to mention who pays for the next round of drinks. The ear-numbing THWAK of the domino being slammed on the table top as someone shouts, “A hit dat, tu rahtid!” and the Heiniken and Red Stripe bottles rattle precariously. Many seasoned players have learned to place their bottles on the ground to prevent spills.

I still have two unanswered questions related to Jamaican domino playing. "Why are domino tables always rickety and why are the stools so uncomfortable?"

This is why today's blog almost didn't get posted. Much too easy to loose track of time here. Even so, I've bookmarked it as a favorite. Playing on-line doesn't have the excitement of being at a high-spirited game, but it is a great cyber-time-waster.

4 Shared Thoughts:

caveman said...

i love to play bones. here in napa my friends and i play mexican train with double 12s. in fact, i dont even know any other games.

caveman said...

oh yea. i almost forgot. we play at my idrens house and he has a huge tile kitchen table with comfy chairs. you should hear the noise as we shuffle the bones. its almost deafening(sp?) and we giggle uncontrollably....

Lady Roots said...

So did you try the eyegrid link and play the Jamaican domino game online? If you ever played dominoes here in Jamaica (especially in front of the local rum bar) you would know what I mean about rickety table and uncomfortable wooden stools.

caveman said...

sadly, i have never been to jamaica. i can picture the scene quite clearly though as i have seen numerous videos and movies filmed in j.a.
i will chek it out online from my extra cushie computer chair. lol.